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Conversation Between Ex-Admiral Insane and Serverus Snope
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  1. Serverus Snope
    05-26-2018 08:11 AM
    Serverus Snope
    Eh, just gonna go with your calculation.
  2. Ex-Admiral Insane
    05-23-2018 05:12 AM
    Ex-Admiral Insane
    Hiya there,

    I just double-checked all your deposits and withdrawals and I once again end up at $5,235. I don't know how, but I believe you somehow managed to add a $1,000 to your account that didn't belong there.
    I'd recommend you add up your previous deposits and withdrawals for yourself and see at what number you end up. If it's something other than $5,235, contact me again and we'll go through the numbers together on Discord or so to see where the mistake lies.


    ~your friendly bank clerk EAI
  3. Serverus Snope
    05-21-2018 05:46 PM
    Serverus Snope
    I think you missed me in your update of the Pokebank... or there may be a $1000 margin of error.

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