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  1. Missingno. Master
    01-29-2017 06:59 PM
    Missingno. Master
    Uh, my Weedle had 1 HP when I dropped him off at the Salon last week- he should actually be up to 2 HPs as a result of this stay.
  2. Missingno. Master
    12-25-2016 08:50 PM
    Missingno. Master
    Fixed Feraligatr's Pokédex link.
  3. Itzatrap
    11-06-2016 06:49 PM
    Fixed, sorry about that!
  4. Missingno. Master
    11-06-2016 06:29 PM
    Missingno. Master
    Minor thing with the Daycare post- my Dragalge is level 77, not 76. He was level 76 when I dropped him off last week.
  5. Itzatrap
    09-19-2016 05:51 AM
    Hey, I added Heatmor to the confirmation list.
  6. Missingno. Master
    09-18-2016 06:08 PM
    Missingno. Master
    Fixed the link to my Heatmor's level.
  7. Itzatrap
    06-12-2016 08:14 PM
    Ah, my mistake! Thanks for letting me know, I'll change it in a few minutes when I update the first page balances!
  8. Missingno. Master
    06-12-2016 05:31 PM
    Missingno. Master
    Minor mistake with my Rare Candy balance (for real this time, I double and triple-checked to avoid a mistake like last time)- I don't have any Candies, but according to your latest update, I have 2.
  9. Itzatrap
    05-15-2016 07:29 PM
    Don't worry about it, at first I thought the same thing and I double checked to make sure I had your balance at 4.
  10. Missingno. Master
    05-15-2016 07:21 PM
    Missingno. Master
    OK, I see what the problem was- mespritchaser's balance was directly above mine in your latest update, I misread the post, and then when I read it again and saw my actual balance, I thought you were just really quick about fixing it. Sorry about that, I pretty much just derped on that one.

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