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  1. Median Dia
    09-07-2017 07:07 PM
    Median Dia
    Hey, that's your choice. I ain't the type to try and force something ultimately minor on others.

    The closest I've been to a town area is Bedlam, and even then poor Ami's spent more tie in an abandoned mine than the town itself. Kinda hard to qualify it at that point, don'tcha think?

    I'm fairly certain that even the mods don't know at this point
  2. lilbluecorsola
    09-07-2017 02:13 PM
    Mm I just don't feel as comfortable with it, personally.

    I haven't been to an actual town area in a while, so I figure it might be a good starting point for some of my newer 'mons (whom I still need to make sprites for >.>; ). If I ever get around to entering it.

    Who knows when the "next wave" will be though? Still not sure what "seasonal" is supposed to be mean honestly. XP

    (And lol I've done the same.)
  3. Median Dia
    09-07-2017 01:00 PM
    Median Dia
    ...I have no idea about that, so eh. I did make sure to keep MM up to date with the ridiculous rolls, both to hold myself accountable and to share the absurdity of it all. Guess not everyone's as "morally sound" as I am, though, so your misgivings are understandable.

    Honestly, New Fizz is the current zone that holds the least interest for me. Yes the island of bringing the 8th Plague fishing was more enticing, as evidenced by the fact that I'm actually in in it. Welp.

    You could suggest it in the next wave, or get someone who was around at the time to do so. There's still hope in for the Realm! I hope.

    ...I accidentally posted this on my own profile. Oops.
  4. lilbluecorsola
    09-06-2017 11:34 PM
    Eh, it just brings back memories of my early RP days of "chatbattles" and "godmoding", and I'd just rather not deal with that.

    I hope it does get passed someday. As it is I don't really have interest in other Zones aside from maybe New Fizz City. (Would also like to see the Twilight Realm brought back, since I had plans for my Sneasel to be involved in its lore.)
  5. Median Dia
    09-06-2017 10:28 PM
    Median Dia
    I mean, I kinda live with the view that there's always gonna be bias, so that part pf the argument doesn't phase me. What does phase me is when RNG decides to repeatedly screw over the side that should be winning handily- it doesn't matter how officiated the battle was or was not, Chuck should've had a clean sweep!

    Eh, I've got no bloody clue. The only reason LMN holds any interest to me whatsoever is that it's currently the only place where can evolve inkay, which is something most of the Telestic Spiral could've easily done if it had passed. And I'm fairly certain that everyone who backed it was surprised it didn't win!
  6. lilbluecorsola
    09-06-2017 10:04 PM
    Personally I'd rather have a Battle in a fair environment with an unbiased judge in that regard. Besides, if it's official then you can also gain Levels that way.

    I thought the Black Bayou was supposed to fill that niche. Anyway tbh I don't mind it that much, but like you said I think the Telestic Spiral would've been a better choice than an area devoted to fishing at least, since you can pretty much find water anywhere. *shrug* I'm just surprised it didn't win, is all.
  7. Median Dia
    09-06-2017 09:43 PM
    Median Dia
    I'm not an ASBer anymore, either. I mean, it's not like it's everything we did, MM's just feeling a little battle hungry apparently. Although the RNG involved in one of them was absolutely horrendous...

    I'm not sure we have anything dedicated to horror exclusively. Like, Bedlam does have the Cathedral and LMN the Catacombs, but those are small, optional areas in a much bigger world. That said, I really wasn't too pleased when the Telestic Spiral got beat out by the Fisherman's Paradise. And while I do have an adventure there, I'm doing a lot more scaring people off with gnats or something than I am fishing, so... Meh.
  8. lilbluecorsola
    09-06-2017 08:32 PM
    Well for those of us who don't want to turn their Secret Base into a battleground/want a different setting? *shrug* I still enjoy the idea of having more PvP options. Besides, since I'm not a member of ASB it's not like I get my fill there.

    I haven't, but I kinda feel a little burnt out on the whole "horror" genre that seems to pervade a lot of FB? ^^; Tbh I really would've preferred Lilt's "Telestic Spiral" Zone over another "Haunted Mansion"-esque area, but meh. Again, not like I have time to be Adventuring in a lot of different places anyway.
  9. Median Dia
    09-06-2017 08:14 PM
    Median Dia
    I mean, I've had three at my Secret Base so far, and it hasn't been up all that long. I don't really see the need for them anymore, to be honest...

    Hmm, have you started any adventures with a dark and dreary locale? I don't believe the CG has one, of course, but most of the others do... I think.
  10. lilbluecorsola
    09-06-2017 07:55 PM
    Man, that reminds me of when I had a METRONOME Battle once with someone lol. (I was actually debating just teaching that to my Petilil and using it for all three games just to see what would happen. XD) I hope PvP Battles come back to FB too for more chaos funtimes.

    I'm still waiting for a good opportunity to Evolve my Ralts. I have plans for her to become an emo goth, I'm just not sure how that would happen. ^^; (She's the one I really want to teach VOODOO BUGGALOO to eventually.)

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