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05-11-2017, 01:42 AM
Maria the Blanket Ghost
Birthday: February 8th
Background: Maria was raised among a group of wood dwelling Mimikyu, having been taken in after being left by the road to die, an unwanted, "should have been aborted" child. Because of her upbringing, she speaks Pokemon language fluently, but her English is very limited. She acts in very similar ways to a Mimikyu, to the point of wearing a big white cloth over her body. There's no horrific monster underneath that cloth though, just a small, confused girl. She travels with one of her Mimikyu friends, nicknamed "Boop". Together they journey around in search of the fabled "Arceus's Trousers", a mythical object which, when worn, grants the wearer the combined power of the eight gay warlocks who dictate fashion.

The Blanket Battalion

Boop the Mimikyu
Gender: Female
Level: 6
Type: Ghost/Fairy
Ability: Disguise
Nature: Sassy
Held Item: None
Obtained: Starter
Birthday: October 24th
Bio: Boop is a spoopy lil' ghost who does spoopy things.
Moves: Destiny Bond (Egg), Wood Hammer (Level 1), Splash (Level 1), Scratch (Level 1), Astonish (Level 1), Copycat (Level 1), Double Team (Level 5)

Buffy the Bouffalant
Gender: Male
Level: 6
Type: Normal
Ability: Sap Sipper
Nature: Bashful
Held Item: Normalium Z
Obtained: Adoption Center
Birthday: September 20th
Bio: Buffy is a big, kind bull. He's kinda sad about stuff tho, poor dood.
Moves: Pursuit (Level 1), Leer (Level 1), Rage (Level 6)

Chap the Oranguru
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Type: Normal / Psychic
Ability: Telepathy
Nature: Relaxed
Held Item: None
Obtained: Springtime Event: Alolan Egg Hunt
Birthday: June 17th
Bio: Smart, super chill primate. His intelligence exceeds even the writer's.
Moves: Confusion (Level 1)

Kelly the Bagon
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Type: Dragon
Ability: Rock Head
Nature: Jolly
Held Item: None
Obtained: Adoption Center
Birthday: November 9th
Bio: Real top notch bloke. Jolly fellow, always good for a laugh. Keeps trying to kill himself off tall objects, though.
Moves: Rage (Level 1)

05-11-2017, 01:43 AM
The Blanket Bag

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/backpack.gif x1 Backpack
http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokedex.gif x1 Pokedex
http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/goodrod.gif x1 Fishing Rod
http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/berrybag.gif x1 Berry Bag
http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeblockcase.gif x1 Pokeblock Case
http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif x10 Pokeballs
http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/rarecandy.gif x4 Rare Candies
http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/tmnormal.gif x1 TM Return
http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/tmice.gif x1 TM Aurora Veil
http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/sprites/normaliumz.png x1 Normalium Z
http://i.imgur.com/F48Amqk.gif x1 Bunny Suit