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  1. FB:UPN Changes 2017
  2. The Proposal
  3. Adoption Centre
  4. Registration, Starter Pokemon, and Resetting
  5. Zones and Adventure
  6. Economy Revamp
  7. Pokemon Rarity
  8. The Boutique
  9. The Breeding Center
  10. Updator Rewards
  11. The Future of Free RP - Bar, Park, Nightclub/Tree Grove, and more~
  12. Custom Moves and Items
  13. The Future of CAP & Shadow Pokemon
  14. The Egg House
  15. Lanette's PC, Slot Restrictions and Active Pokemon in Zones/Shops
  16. Zone Proposal Thread
  17. Hidden Abilities and the Dream World
  18. The Guildhouse (Minizone Proposal)
  19. FB's Core Philosophy
  21. IQ and the perks that come with it
  22. Poll for ZA and ZU Interest
  23. Cable Club, Trade Restrictions and the White Market
  24. SO Interest Thread
  25. Zone Proposal Deadline
  26. NEXT STEPS: SOs and Implementation of Daycare/MT/Pokebank/Pokemart/AC
  27. The Candy Store
  28. Zone Proposals, Phase II: Discussion
  29. Secret Bases!
  30. The FB Calendar & Time
  31. Mount Henka: The Evolution Zone
  32. SO Rewards and Updater Reward Beta Feedback
  33. The CCG Corner
  34. Incognito Isle - The (Pokémon Only) Treasure Hunt Zone!
  35. Smeargle
  36. Removing Coins from FB
  37. A mythical discussion.
  38. Fizzy Bubbles: Rules and Guidelines
  39. The FB Members List
  40. Shop Proposal - Castform's Forecast Shop
  41. Shop Proposal: The Unified Pawnbroker's Nook.
  42. Leveling Up
  43. Increasing the worth/value of Pokedollars
  44. Battle Frontier
  45. Contest Hall
  46. [PROPOSAL] The New Adoption Center: An RP-Centric Shop
  47. Shop Proposal: The Orchard
  48. FB and Expansion to BMGf
  49. Technical Machines: BMG and Costs
  50. Re-Evaluating FB Aspects: Costs, Prices and Purchases
  51. Reassessing the Bond Mechanic
  52. Fizzytopian Bureau of Employment
  53. FB Opinion Survey - January 2018
  54. Shadow Pokemon, Negative Bond, and Shadow Spray
  55. Selling Items
  56. Signature Moves for Zone Captures
  57. Potential New Changes to the Zone Process
  58. Updated Abilities in FB
  59. FC Rewards: Suggestion and Review Thread
  60. Bedlam Ridge and FFA Zones
  61. Exchanging Breeding Slots for Eggs
  62. Adoption Center Idea: Wayward Pokemon
  63. FEEDBACK REQUESTED: New Idea for FB Gyms
  64. A Numbskull's guide To Conquering Others: Advanced Moves And You
  65. Spring Cleaning 2019
  66. Changes To The Department Store
  67. The Miscellaneous Ideas Thread
  68. [SWORD/SHIELD SPOILERS] FB Calendar Redone: Pokémon Pairing & Gen 8 Integration
  69. Feedback Discussion: Dynamax Raid Battles
  70. A Beginners Guide to FB?
  71. Concerns Facing Zones/Updators
  72. Evaluating the Bimonthly Updater Rewards