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  1. UPN News: Debut
  2. Hello everybody, here is some news.
  3. SableDonk, a review of the TCG equivalent to Charlie Sheen.
  4. POKéMON Black & White top NPD charts for March '11
  5. Nintendo's Next Console, Project Cafe
  6. New Pokemon Game Announcement Imminent
  7. Pokemon XD on the 3DS? (Fake)
  8. You ask for one. You get one free. (Black and White as well as an announcement).
  9. Project Cafe = Nintendo Feel?
  10. Ace Attorney Movie Rumor (Confirmed)
  11. Wii U Revealed
  12. Pokémon Super Scramble announced for 3DS
  13. DS Lite now $99 in North America.
  14. Wii U to support two tablet controllers?
  15. Wii U Controller to have a built in web browser.
  16. Zoroark Master of Illusions releasing Sept. 20th
  17. Pokémon Rumble Blast - October 24th (US)
  18. Sales to Date of Pokemon DS Titles
  19. PokéPark 2: Beyond the World announced
  20. Catch the next Pokémon movie in US theatres!
  21. Pokédex 3D - First Update is out.
  22. Pokemon TCG plays 'The Price is Right'.
  23. PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond announced for North America
  24. Dark Explorers, take it as it comes.
  25. Major Pokémon news in 4 days! [Up: Poké NintenDirect tommorow]
  26. [Spoilers] Pokémon X & Y announced! Worldwide release!
  27. Pokémon X & Y! [No Spoilers]
  28. Plasma Freeze and more... (TCG)
  29. X & Y sells over 4 million in two days!
  30. Nintendo Wifi Connection ending May 20th Worldwide
  31. Pokémon concert tours announced! (US)
  32. Shiny Rayquaza Wifi Gift
  33. Mewtwo amiibo coming Oct 23 in EU and Nov 13 in NA
  34. Pokemon GO announced for iOS & Android, coming 2016
  35. "Pokemon XY & Z" anime and special details revealed
  36. Hoopa Event Live! (And Shiny XYZ Legends too, I guess)
  37. POKéMON R/B/Y releasing on 3DS VC in Feb. (EU)
  38. Volcanion Officially Revealed
  39. Pokémon 20th | Mythical distributions
  40. The Great Detective Pikachu - New trailer and Japanese release date
  41. New Pokemon Revealed - Magearna
  42. Pokémon Sun and Moon General Discussion [Spoiler Warning]
  43. Pokémon (series) sales surpass 200 million units
  44. English version of "The Pokémon Cookbook" incoming.
  45. Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue/Sky coming to Wii U VC (US)
  47. PSA: World's 2016 CLOSED to the General Public
  48. Pokemon Live-Action Film Lands 'Gravity Falls', 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Writers
  49. Pokemon Generations: New short form anime coming to YouTube
  50. Ash-Greninja promo coming via Sun/Moon demo on Oct. 18th [NO SPOILERS]
  51. Pokemon Duel out for Android and iOS
  52. Pokemon Go - Gen 2 LIVE
  53. Pokemon Direct 6/6
  54. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon General Discussion [Spoiler Warning]
  55. Pokemon for Switch Coming 2018
  56. Pokémon Crystal coming to 3DS VC
  57. Detective Pikachu coming to the west!
  58. 2018 | Legendary Distributions!
  59. Pokémon Sword and Shield Megathread
  60. Pokemon Unite